Car problems can strike at a time and place you have least expected. Thus, when a tragedy or a road misfortune hits and you are not prepared, you will likely find yourself stuck on the side of the lane, looking for an East Orange tow company that offers roadside emergency and towing services.

When you’re having car trouble, every minute counts. You’ll need a reliable local tow truck service to help you achieve the first phase of your new goal that is to take your vehicle to the nearest repair shop. Hence, it’s important that you already have important details ready before dialing your trusted company’s hotline.

Things You Should Do When You Call a Towing Company

A Few Reminders Before the Call:

  • Make sure you drive securely to the roadside before contacting a tow truck to save yourself and your broken-down vehicle.
  • It’s also a good idea to notify the insurance provider about the problem; several agencies can refund the towing fee.
  • Take pictures of the car until the tow truck shows up to log any pre-towing injury. Be sure you get a pricing quote from the towing company representative, as well as details about how they will tow the vehicle and the path they will drive through onto your desired destination.
  • See to it that you keep your receipts for your own records so that you can easily give them to your insurance company.

No matter how minor or major the road misfortune you are in, tow trucks could be immensely helpful. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions by Towing Companies

When you contact a towing service, in order to ensure a prompt on-site response, you have to make sure to make the interview as brief as possible. So, before you ask for a tow rescue, remember to have  these information ready:

1. Location

The first query a towing company representative will ask you will be about your current location. You should be aware that towing a car down a side street corner differs from towing a car down the highway with a towing service. That’s why you must provide the towing provider with your precise position so that assistance can be sent. You may use the GPS in your vehicle or on your phone to calculate the precise spot.

2. Insurance Details

In certain settings, a towing company’s bill is specifically related to an individual’s insurance. As a result, it’s important that you understand the specifics of the insurance policy (the information may include the number of the policy, the date when the payment was made, and the type of insurance coverage).

3. Your Mechanic’s Address

If your vehicle has major issues, it is very probable that it would not run without a thorough check by a professional. If you want to get your vehicle towed to your house, you would be responsible for the towing costs from your house to the mechanic’s workshop. To avoid incurring further costs, it is preferable to get your vehicle towed to your dealer or auto mechanic so that it can be inspected as quickly as possible. Make sure that you always have your mechanic’s address so you can offer it to the towing company when they inquire where you need to go.

Or better yet, find a company that can perform both roadside assistance and towing services that you need. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – economical and effective.

4. The Condition of Your Car

​The type of towing truck actually required to tow your car to safety will be determined by the make and model of the vehicle, as well as its condition.

The above mentioned information will assist the towing service in determining the amount of work needed to save your vehicle. This is so that the company can effectively assist you in resolving your situation as soon as possible.

Here at East Orange Tow Truck, we very well understand how vital it is for our callers to get the fastest tow and roadside emergency rescue. Hence, we have deployed highly trained call support professionals on the frontline who also know about the ABCs of the most common car problems. Our goal is for you to get the promptest, premium quality East Orange roadside and tow response that you need.

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