Gray skies, white boulevards and the giggles of children who are throwing snowballs at each other: these are the surefire indicators of the winter season. Outside, things are covered in deep snow which makes it ideal for certain daytime activities. Beside from this, the wintry whistles of the cold breeze at night makes it perfect for spending time with your loved ones at the fireplace. Therefore, winter is a season that is looked forward to by numerous individuals except for a certain population: that being, vehicle drivers. 

Avenues that are covered with knee-deep snow or slippery ice might look enticing and magical but not to the eyes of the drivers who have experienced the hassles. Winter has temporarily lost its appeal to the car owners who failed to properly deal with their vehicle maintenance. Therefore, this article aims to prepare you by presenting all the common issues encountered by drivers during the coldest season. Here is the list.

1.    Battery mishaps

This is the most common problem faced by car owners during the cool winter climate. Unfortunately, the wintery weather has the ability to suck up all the voltage out of your vehicle battery. You can avoid this issue by inspecting your battery before winter arrives. If however, you experienced this mishap at the least expected location, you should never push your limits by fixing the problem on your own.  Instead, call a professional tow service to deliver you their premium quality roadside assistance.

2.    Faulty alternator belt

The freezing climate can sometimes result in the breakage of an alternator belt. This car part is responsible in the power transmission from the gas engine to all the components of your vehicle. Aside from this, it also transfers power to your car battery. Therefore, when your alternator is malfunctioning, your vehicle will not have the sustainable power to start. When your car is showing some signs of an alternator failure, immediately find a solution to mitigate the problem. 

3.    Stiff Fuel Line

This is another problem shared by numerous survivors of winter vehicle emergencies. The icy climate condition can result in the freezing of the fuel line of your car. Since it is a crucial source of the power of your vehicle, the restricted gasoline can surely halt your car to a stop. Usually, the fuel fails to reach your engine due to the frozen condensation of your tank when your petroleum gets dangerously low. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your tank full, especially in the winter season. 

4.    Copious Fluid

The cold conditions can result in the thickening of your fluid, thus, making it hard to penetrate through the engines of your vehicle. When fluids run slowly in your car, there will be definitely a compromise in performance. The worst-case scenario that thickening fluid can cause is you being stuck in a remote area covered with ice. 

Found yourself stranded while dealing with one of the above issues on your own? Ask for help and keep in touch with our tow company today!