Getting your first car, either new or even used, is among life’s many memorable experiences. The very first car is a “level up” experience for many who have been heavily reliant on carpooling or public transportation.

Until you go out and buy bigger wheels or the pounding sound device, we recommend that you equip yourself with the following everyday-driving necessities. 

Why should you invest in these?

Because, first, none of them will set you back a great fortune, and second, we guarantee that getting them will significantly improve the enjoyment of driving your vehicle, regardless of its age. 

Getting the basic essentials in your car is great because you will not have to seek roadside assistance service from your “tow truck services near me” search, thus lessening the hassle of having to look for local tow trucks in East Orange.

1. Sunglasses for driving. Aside from the iconic look, their wide reach shields the eyes from sunlight and makes everyone think like Maverick. Opt-in graded prescription lenses whether you’re nearsighted or have astigmatism so you can see clearly. Alternatively, you might have Lasik surgery. “Kick the tires and set fire to them!”

2. Cleaning kit. Get the following items from the supermarket’s car-care section: many “chamois-type” and microfiber towel cleaning garments a large container of car cleaner, a sponge, a pail, a container of tire black, fabric/leather shampoo, and other miscellaneous items to help keep your car from looking and smelling good all year round. Most of the time, you’ll get your car cleaned outside, but doing it yourself with the necessary equipment every now and then is perfect bonding time.

3. Driving shoes. Replace the clunky sneakers, Crocs, flip-flops, and other clunky boots for suitable driving shoes. This may be slip-on loafers or Puma or Fila shoes with slim soles that reach straight into the back of the heel to balance out the footwork. Seek advice from your stylish mates for the best outfit combos.

4. Phone holder and charger. If you are fond of using a GPS or listening to music on your phone when driving, a holder holds your hands on the steering wheel while holding the phone in your visual field. Just don’t put it straight to your face.

5. Boxes or trunk organizers. You would be shocked how many items you will toss in the trunk of a car as time passes. Located in the drawer, an organized compartment holds our makeup clean and tidy. Additionally, you can buy the larger, more expensive cardboard boxes.

6. Carjack and cross wrench. You would have to have flat tires many times throughout the years, and that will always come in the most uncomfortable situations. You can turn the car down from the position you are already in, then back up using only a jack and a wrench. It can save your time, cash, and help you please your traveling companions as you do it all by yourself in only about 10 minutes.

But in cases where you forgot to bring this and you got caught in a tire-related road misfortune in or around East Orange, New Jersey, don’t hesitate to give us a call; we’ll be there in minutes. Our seasoned professionals from Crossroad Vehicle Helpers will be more than glad to perform the on-site tire replacement that you need. 

7. Flashlight. The trusty torch is matched with both the jack and cross wrench. Skip the supermarket’s low-cost plastic ones. Get a Maglite or something close that’s tough and strong.

8. Jumper Cables. Even if you made sure not to miss a single vehicle preventive maintenance session, you couldn’t really tell if your car battery’s life is nearing its end. This is why it pays bringing a set of jumper cables with you on every East Orange trip you are planning to have. This way, you will be able to get out of a dead battery jumpstart situation. 

However, experts have always noted that a DIY battery jumpstart should always be done with extreme caution. Not to mention, you will need another working vehicle to carry out the job successfully. All in all, this can cause too much hassle and can expose you to so much risk. Unless you are confident of your skills and you are well-equipped, better call your trusted local tow truck East Orange company for prompt and reliable roadside assistance rescue. This will ensure your safety and the repair’s success. 

9.  Your first-aid kit. Bringing a first-aid kit with you when traveling will always come in handy. You never know what lies ahead. 

10. The Essential Papers. Consider your license, registration, and insurance documents as detachable essential parts of your vehicle. This may sound like a no brainer but forgetting to bring these at an unfavorable time will cost you a lot due to unnecessary citations. 

And of course, your vehicle manual – it’s another detachable essential part of your vehicle which may appear irrelevant but will surely come in handy in case of repairs and tow rescue. Your vehicle’s manual is like the bible of it; the right oil type, fuse box location, tire pressure, and all that you need to know about your vehicle is there.

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Being sufficiently equipped with the essentials every time you travel will surely save you from potential dangers and hassles. However, sometimes, road misfortunes can end up so overwhelming. If your road situation in or around East Orange, New Jersey becomes hardly manageable, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Crossroad Vehicle Helpers. Our goal is to make sure you get the fastest response on the road, and keep you safe and your vehicle protected with the help of our highly trained, seasoned technicians and tow operators. 

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