Long Distance Towing

Choose from any light or medium duty vehicles that you may own.
We offer fast towing services for more vehicle types, including:

When you need long distance towing services, we can assist you with that as well. We offer fair pricing per mile to help you save more on your long-distance transportation needs.

Before you spend more on logistics and delivery services, let us help you save more on better towing options.

Long distance towing is ideal anytime that you have a vehicle that needs delivering out of the area. Whether it’s heading to a new home just an hour away, or it needs to go much further, Crossroad Vehicle Helpers always goes the extra mile!

Driving the car to its next destination will only cause the value to plummet. And with each mile you’re behind the wheel, the odds of something happening keep climbing up.

Instead of adding to the vehicle’s odometer or risking it all to save a little money, you could have the reliable choice in local East Orange, NJ towing help you. We offer fair pricing for safe and dependable long distance towing.

After discussing the exact nature and needs of your towing service, we ensure that your vehicle is safely restrained on our flatbed hauler. This way we can reduce the chances of any unnecessary risk of cosmetic and physical damage to your vehicle.

Whether you need transportation for a classic car, a private collection piece, or are just moving to another area, we can assist with convenient long-distance hauling. We offer the best protection for your vehicles that we can against road debris, other vehicles, and mechanical damage.

Attempting to drive the vehicle yourself isn’t just dangerous, but costly. Depending on distance, you could be looking at spending a fortune on gas, oil changes, and repairs.

But when we transport it for you, you get to save more on an easier method.