As vehicle owners, we tend to invest in premium maintenance and upgrades to preserve the greatness of our rides. A lot of vehicle owners focus more on aesthetics but others invest more for the vehicle’s features, e.g. spending more to keep a good gas mileage. 

Improving gas mileage is not always about choosing premium fuel varieties and investing in top of the line fuel delivery systems. It is not necessarily about switching to a hybrid vehicle either, of course, unless there is a budget for it. 

If you wish to have better gas mileage and enjoy the potential fuel costs savings in the future, you can keep in mind these helpful ways from the experts:

1.     Drive with efficiency. 

You woke up late one morning, immediately prepped up, hopped in your ride, and drove fast, with high acceleration. Then the red traffic light that you noticed late had you stepping on the brake. How do you think your vehicle was coping up? 

Rapid acceleration and frequent braking can actually negatively affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Thus, if it is better gas mileage you are targeting, sorry to burst your bubble but you’ve been doing it wrong.
To improve fuel efficiency, or maintain it at the least, practice efficient driving by using cruise control when necessary. 

 “How else can I do it?”

One of the best ways to drive efficiently is by practicing to drive steady and accelerate gradually if you have to. 

Another is by knowing the right time to step on your brake. Braking excessively and at the wrong time not only damages your brake pads but also wastes your fuel. So, by all means, avoid getting in a situation where you will need to brake suddenly. 

Lastly, make it a habit to turn off your engine instead of keeping it on while waiting for your passenger. Idling for a long time is a very inefficient thing to do.

 2.     Do not skip your vehicle maintenance schedule. 

Skipping a vehicle maintenance session may initially appear like a harmless decision but in truth, you basically also skipped the opportunity to have potential gas-guzzling problems addressed in a timely manner. Basically, the sooner such problems are addressed, the lesser likely they will become worse. Hence, skipping is never a good decision. 

3.     Perfectly inflated tires are one of the keys. 

One of the factors that can affect your gas mileage is actually your tires’ inflation. If it is under-inflated, the more it hurts your mileage. On the other hand, if it is perfectly inflated, you can actually save up as much as a gallon of fuel. 

Please do note, however, that the right tire pressure is defined according to various factors, e.g. the make of your vehicle, etc. For the modern models, the identified ideal tire pressure is usually indicated on the vehicle manual or on the card or sticker inside the door of the driver. It would be best if you check this out first. 

4.     Clean or change or air filter from time to time. 

Your air filters can also affect how hard your engine will work. Of course, the harder it does, the more fuel it consumes. This is why changing your air filter from time to time is necessary. As much as possible, do not let dirt accumulate in it because once it clogs, it will badly affect your engine and your gas mileage. 

5.     Drive “light”. 

Using the maximum capacity of your vehicle may sound okay as this is what your vehicle is designed to carry but know this – the heavier your vehicle is, the more it eats up fuel as the engine will have to work harder. Your trunk may be very spacious but it is actually also unwise to fill it fully, unless of course necessary. 

 As much as possible, get rid of the excess weight on your vehicle. The lighter, the better. 

6.     List your errands; try to run them at once. 

Aside from combining your errands can save you time, it can also help you save money on fuel and on other miscellaneous expenses. However, this is applicable only when the destinations you will be going to are within the same area as it is like combining your supposedly different trips into one. 

 7.     Your A/C is a gas guzzler

Of course, your AC is there to keep your ride comfortable and cool but do remember that it massively consumes fuel. If there is another way to keep it cool, e.g. parking in the shade, then you might want to consider. 

Enhancing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and getting an improved gas mileage is actually easy. You just have to be religious at doing what you need to do. However, if by any chance, you forgot to gas up and you accidentally ran out of gas in the middle of a long trip within East Orange, a reliable gas delivery service like Crossroad Vehicle Helpers is always a call away. 

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