Flatbed Tow Services

Do you need a delicate or large vehicle towed?

Some companies try and charge a premium for light-duty towing service. Sometimes they even use smaller light-duty towing trucks, claiming that it’s a specialty service type.

Instead, we just want to offer a better class of complete vehicle towing. Using the same flatbed equipment that we use for medium-duty vehicles, we can secure and transport your smaller vehicle safely.

Our drivers offer speedy service and reliable towing each time you call. It’s how we keep the drivers of East Orange, NJ¸ get back behind the wheel faster than anyone else. Call today to schedule your light duty or medium-duty towing service, or for a free quote.

Many drivers notice that some towing companies rely on a flatbed towing vehicle, and sometimes they use a hook tow or even a front-lift truck. And if you’re like most drivers, you may not know the difference.

Trucks that lift from the tires are often only going short distances, and they are typically used in vehicle recovery and repossession needs rather than mechanical failure. Because these cars are being delivered to impound lots and other secured areas, they aren’t necessarily concerned with preventing cosmetic damages during transport.

A complete towing service, like Crossroad Vehicle Helper, uses flatbed towing as a better all-in-one towing service. Just about any size vehicle can load quickly onto a flatbed where it is appropriately secured and driven away.

A flatbed tow truck provides us with an all-purpose vehicle that allows us to help more East Orange, NJ, drivers. With a one-size-fits-all towing vehicle, we can cut down on service times by sending our drivers right over.

We don’t have to waste time changing vehicles or waiting for drivers to return. Whenever you need help, day or night, you can always rely on us for better flatbed towing solutions.

Many drivers today still think of the classic hook and chain towing vehicles. However, these vehicles are no longer as safe or efficient.

We always want to treat your vehicle with the same care we would show our own. That is why we offer a better quality of service with flatbed towing.